Lucid Korea Co., Ltd established
- chosen as a leading technology company (G7) by the Ministry of Health and Welfare
Completed the development of the lens safety ring (CTR-98)
- developed LK Lenses for sight-correcting RGP adaptable to Asian' cornea types
- lens capsule safety ring selected for the KT mark (obtained a national new technology certification) by the Department of Science and Technology, Korea
Exported pseudophakos and lens capsule safety rings to Japan
- acquired CE Mark (Quality Certification)
Approved by the KFDA in S. Korea
Developed and launched new LK lens design (CH Design) and New Aspheric (RGP) lens
Developed and launched advanced LK lens design (CH2 Design-5 Curve) and Extra and Advanced (RGP) lens.
Selected a World-best Product by Ministry of Commerce, Industry, & Energy.
Dream Lenses for Your Eyes
LK Lenses! An 8- hour Miracle LK Lenses! With LK Lenses, you can see everything without wearing daily lenses or glasses!
Ortho-K LK Lens
RGP Lens
Soft Lens
Implant for Cataract Surgery
748, Geochon-ri, Bonghwa-eup, Bonghwa, Gyeongsangbuk-do, South Korea
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