KS Industry Co., Ltd. established
-Selected INNO-Biz by Small and
Medium Administration
- Acquired ISO 9001/2001
- Acquired Materials &
Components Specialized
Enterprise Certification
- Awarded World-Class Product
- Acquired ASME Code
Certification (pressure boiler, vessel,
and piping)
- Awarded 20 Million Export Tower
- Acquired New & Renewable
Energy Specialized Enterprise

KS Industry

Specialized in steel manufacturing, power, petrochemical, and new and renewable energy plants

KS Industry is a leading company whose capability encompasses total processes, from engineering design to manufacturing and conducting test working of power plants. KSIndustry will try to be the best company with passion for the customers in the world.

Through fair and innovative management, KS Industry will not only promote efficiency, but will also establish a dynamic company culture, strengthening price and product competitiveness.
KS Industry
will be a super blue-chip company in the 21st century through ceaseless technological development and innovation.

Encouraging every employee to make quick and accurate responses for customers' needs,
KS Industry
does its best to provid eequipment for steel manufacturing, petrochemical production, power, and new and renewable energy plants on the basis of trust and know-how that have been accumulated over the past20years.

Business Strategy

◎ Steel Manufacture Plants (Core Business)
- Opening new overseas market and securing strategic bases in the Middle East/Africa
- Promoting more contracts from existing Japanese customers
- Gaining the annual production capacity of 50 billion KRW as the result of Gyeongsan Factory construction in 2009 which about 10 billion KRW was investigated for the equipments. (Decrease in outsourcing, enhanced the rate of internal production, and the accomplishment of 20% operating profit by improving productivity > efficient management of outsourcing/quality control)
- Establishing BSC (Balanced Scorecard) systems for order receiving, design, production, and quality control
- Completion of ERP system (2008)

◎ Power and Petrochemical Plants (Unit)
- Delivery of the products is scheduled for K-Water and Doosan Heavy Industries in 2009 as the company acquired the KEPIC (Korea Electric Power Industry Code) certification in the early 2009 (Anticipated sales in 2009 is 18 billion KRW ).
- Maximization of the operating profit by enhancing the component localization rate (Once 50% of imported components is localized, the average individual order for each Unit will be increased to be between 70 million to 100 million KRW from the current amount of 35 million KRW for 1 Unit order > achieved 70% of localization rate in the late 2008)
- Aiming to be the best Asian company specialized in Unit (2010)
[712-749] #413, Yeongnam Uiversity Central Library, 214-1, Dae-dong, Gyeongsan-si , Gyeongsangbuk-do, S. KOREA
TEL. +82-53-810-3276    FAX. +82-53-811-3041