Bexel established and started to sell batteries
Received certifications (ISO 9002, DNV (Germany) and KFG (Korea)
Change the company name from STC Corporation to Bexel Corporation through spin off start to supply alkaline batteries to Energizer Company
Started to supply alkaline batteries to Eastman Kodak Company
Started to supply zinc-carbon and alkaline batteries to LG International Corp.
Korea’s first development of special lithium ion secondary battery pack

BEXEL is...

Since 1978, Bexel has dedicated to manufacturing the world’s finest battery products. By adapting state-of-the-art technology, selecting the highest quality material, and implementing advanced manufacturing and quality control system, Bexel produces a full range of batteries and battery packs such as Alkaline Batteries, Manganese Batteries, Ni-Cd Batteries, Ni-MH Batteries, Li-Ion Batteries, Industrial Battery Packs, and Military Battery Packs. We have also developed environment-friendly mercury/cadmium-free batteries to realize our corporate goal of putting consumer safety first.

Alkaline Battery
Manganese Battery
Rechargeable Battery & Charger (Nickel Metal Hydride & Nickel Cadmium)
Li-lon Rechargeable Battery & Charger for Military use
Battery Packs for Industry & Military use
Flashlight/ Lantern Emergency Battery
Electric Vehicle Battery & Performance of National Project , etc.
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